Things that terrify my Collie.

Met a dog walker I’ve not seen before, this morning. They had a mental spaniel on a lead. I walked with them for a little way and they looked at Dex loping across the field and said, “I wish I had an easy dog too. This one won’t get in the car and I have to pick him up.”

Easy?!?!  I’ll do a list of ‘things Dex doesn’t like me doing’ another time. This is the ‘things that terrify Dex’ list. Terrify as in, if outside he hides in hedges and takes a long time to come out. Or if at home, he hides in the bedroom and won’t come out. Which is really pesky if I’ve done a night shift and want him to go out for a pee before I go to bed. He is the best dog in the world. But he is by no means easy. This list is the main things, not all things – in order of scariest.






Pulling Sellotape off a reel

Free-range balloons and plastic bags


Putting up the ironing board

Toaster popping up

Abandoned shopping trollies

Trees in the wrong place. (When they fall down.)

Piercing a microwave meal

Motor bikes

Unwrapping packages

Noisy trees in the wind.


Very noisy rain

Children under about 10.

Squeaky window hinges

Tearing envelopes open

Wheelie bin lids closing


Using scissors

Guns shots

The sound of golf balls being hit

Rolls of wrapping paper

The blender


Husband with a violin

Having to deal with more than 3 dogs at the same time

Any household DIY or gardening tool



Squeegeeing windows

Sliding coat hangers across wardrobe pole

Tearing tin foil or cling film

Closing curtains and blinds

Doing up a zip

Plant mister

Opening the attic hatch

Clanging metal gates

New hats

He is NOT an ‘easy’ dog!


10 thoughts on “Things that terrify my Collie.

  1. Oh wow, haha. I am so sorry he is terrified but I giggled at some of the simple things and picturing a dog running off. My mother in laws dog goes crazy over thunder and she gets down about it. I will have to send her your dogs list!

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  2. Scare list for mine in no particular order.

    Shiny pots and pans

    Hearing the dishwasher cycle start

    The little person on TV signing for the deaf in the bottom right hand corner

    Temporary traffic lights and bollards

    Road signs

    Dog poo bins



    Doing a Donald Duck voice

    Otherwise she’s bombproof. Can tell she’s a country bumpkin dog though. Tractors / trains / baylers / any animal big or small she’s fine.

    Take shiny pans out of the dishwasher and she’s legged it and sat at the top of the stairs in less than two seconds.


      • It’s weird honestly. Whether it’s because the signer is out of place / smaller than the others on TV or whether it’s the hands I don’t know but she takes issue with them whatever it is.

        Neighbours just put up their Christmas garden decorations and now a giant LED penguin is added to the list of things she doesn’t like.

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  3. I totally get where you are coming from. I remember when we’d had our first dog less than a year, he’s a Border Collie cross Springer and was 18 months old at the time.

    Someone commented when we were out on a walk how nice it must be to have such a well behaved dog, because Kasper was waiting at the edge of roads before crossing, and wasn’t barking back at this womans’ reactive dog.

    Honestly, I couldn’t believe it!!

    At this time especially Kasper was fearful of hands moving towards him, terrified of men, nervous of anybody he didn’t know, had no basic obedience, would kill any animal other than dogs if given the chance (sheep, cats, birds etc), resource guarded from us and we’d just overcome quite severe separation anxiety with him…yet this person wanted to swap with us and thought he was the perfect dog haha!

    Most dogs have a situation they appear ‘easy’ in…my Aunt’s dog was an amazing dog who never put a foot wrong in the six years they had her. She is the only dog like that I have ever met XD

    Sorry, second long comment… *blush*


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