Hippo ahoy!

So I braved the gym and now want to brave the pool.  I bought a ‘swim dress’ – swimming costume with tiny skirt attached.  I’m not bothered when I’m in the water.  It’s that pool side dash from changing room to pool that has me quaking in terror. Swim-dress arrived.  Have decided it makes me look like a hippo in a tutu!



3 thoughts on “Hippo ahoy!

  1. I clutch a towel around my waist and take it darn near the stair and then toss it close and go in like a penguin escaping a polar bear! Then it is with in reach so that when I am done and then I get out like a penguin escaping a shark and wrap it back around my waist.
    It will be so nice when I feel like I don’t have to hide it.


  2. Oh for goodness sake, you both have me laughing my guts out. LOLOLOL
    I’m sure there is no hippos or penguins anywhere and that you are both lovely. But I am still laughing. I just know these are going to be the best stories ever.


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